Father’s Day

Hi Dad. Yes it’s been a while.

I’m good Dad. The family is doing well, too.

Yeah, I know. There are good days and bad days. But like you’ve always told me, I try to focus on the good days and not dwell on the bad days. Or fight what I can’t change.

Of course I miss Mom. Not a day goes by where I don’t think of her. We all miss her. We miss you, too.

I know I know. We should try to get on with life. Not dwell on your loss since we can’t change it. But, you and Mom were pretty awesome. So unique. Larger than life. We were lucky to have you.

Don’t say that, Dad. You and Mom went above and beyond for us. And despite the circumstances, despite the way your world changed around you and despite all those broken dreams, you and Mom struggled through it. Made new lives and sacrificed and toiled so that we could live our own dreams without anyone dictating what those dream should be. That’s an incredible gift you gave us.

Stop that, Dad. You did more than enough. We live by our own auspices, freely. Because of you. Because of Mom. Because of you and Mom. What more can a mother and father want for their children?

The grandkids? They’re great. The greatgrandkids, too. Plus, Dad, we added one more to the greatgrandkids tally this year. Beautiful baby boy.

Yeah, her first. The kid kinda looks like you sometimes. He’s definitely got your hands. Big ole hammers like yours. He’s gonna be a big boy.

You were there, Dad. Every second of the way. She held a locket with your photo throughout the whole giving birth ordeal. Not that she needed it. We all carry you in our hearts every moment of every day.

Of course I cried. You know me. You would have cried, too.

You should be really pleased, Dad. And proud. Like I said before, you and Mom raised a great family.

Stop crying Dad. You’re gonna make me lose it as well.

The house? Yeah, about that. We had to let it go. It was a difficult decision given that we lived there so long. So many memories, good and bad. But despite the fact that you and Mom were in every inch of that house, without you guys there, it was just a shell.

Oh, hell yeah. It was hard to even go there at first. I don’t know how many times I went and couldn’t even get out of the car. It was just too much for me.

Yeah, that’s what I think, too. Some other young family will have many years in it, filled with their own good times and bad times and their own memories. I’m sure it’ll be in good hands.

Anyway, Dad. I just wanted to let you know that I miss you. And that I miss Mom. And that I love you both forever even if you aren’t here with me physically anymore.

Of course, Dad. I’m taking really good care of your tools. Geez. I use them all the time. You taught me well, Viejo.

Anyway, Dad. Father’s Day is on Sunday and I figured I’d let you know that I don’t need a special day to think about you. To me, everyday is Father’s Day. And I cherish my Old Man always.

Don’t thank me, Dad. It’s I who thank you.

Give Mom a hug and kiss for me, Ok?

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